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Why Is Regular Health Checkup Important?

A checkup is a complete medical examination in express format. In a short time, the patient receives the necessary information about the state of health, as well as recommendations for treatment or prevention.

A full body examination in express format should be carried out by healthy men and women from 25 to 30 years of age every 2-3 years. Do an annual medical examination if you are over 50.

People need a checkup even if you are over 30 with an uncertain state of health. It seems that everything is fine, but there is no 100% confirmation of this. After all, improper nutrition, sleep disturbances, lack of physical activity, sedentary work, stress, and nervous tension will somehow affect the general well-being. This can result in headaches, malaise, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, and other symptoms. A full examination of the body will reveal the exact cause of the disease and prevent the development of a severe illness.Why Is Regular Health Checkup Important_

What is a comprehensive body examination and to whom it is indicated?

At each stage of human life, a person should know what is happening with his body, and what potentially dangerous diseases can appear. To do this, you should undergo a full body screening, which includes various methods: ultrasound, ECG, blood, urine, and others. Ultrasound is the most important diagnostic method that allows you to obtain information about the condition and size of various organs and systems, to identify malignant and benign formations.

Instrumental methods of examination and various analyzes help to detect diseases at the initial stage. The success of treatment depends on how fast a person visits a healthcare institution.

People who are predisposed to oncology and hereditary diseases just need to monitor their health. They need to undergo a full body examination at least once a year. Every person should visit a doctor even if they are not in the risk group.

The most common disease, breast cancer, today affects more than 50 000 women. This figure is growing by 2-4% annually. Specialists strongly recommend that young girls and women undergo a gynecologist and mammologist examination every 6 months.

As for men, every seventh man over 50 is established a terrible diagnosis – prostate cancer. In the early stages of development, this disease is completely treatable, so all that is needed is to visit a urologist regularly, undergo a complete health checkup and take tests.

What is included in a complete body examination?

The list of analyzes, consultations, and studies depends on age and gender characteristics. The general standard program is aimed at diagnosing diseases of the cardiovascular and endocrine, digestive and respiratory, genitourinary systems. Using a comprehensive program, you can identify hidden sexually transmitted infections, evaluate the state of metabolism, detect inflammatory processes and make suggestions about cancer pathologies.

An example of a typical checkup for women 30-40 years old includes the following procedures:

  • primary and repeated appointment with a general practitioner;
  • consultation of narrow specialists (gynecologist, gastroenterologist, mammologist, neurologist, etc.);
  • ultrasound of the thyroid gland, pelvis and abdominal cavity, mammary glands, and urinary system;
  • echocardiography and ECG;
  • gastroscopy and spirometry;
  • chest x-ray;
  • general blood test, biochemical and blood for thyroid hormones;
  • analysis of oncogenic strains;
  • identification of STIs (sexually transmitted infections);
  • smear microscopy and cytology.