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International Suicide Prevention Conference 2013

Counselling charity Contact and the Irish Association of Suicidology will join together for the first time to host an important two day cross-border conference on the latest international suicide prevention research and practice. The conference has secured leading national and international suicide researchers and theorists. This significant event is aimed at cross-sector policymakers, political leaders, activists and clinicians in health care and the emergency services; journalists, those working in justice and policing, education, community development, faith communities and people bereaved and affected by suicide.

Two-day conference price £100/€115 including Conference Dinner 9th October.


Keynote Speaker: Martin Corner PhD

Professor Martin Corner is one of the leading suicide researchers. He developed the internationally-recognized psychological theory of suicidal behavior. Today, he is a Professor of Psychology and Head of the Department for the Study of the Psychology of Suicide at Ohio State University. He has written several books and a huge number of publications related to mood disorders.

Dr. Calvin Gordon

Dr. Calvin Gordon is the Head of Irish Association of Suicidology and the Past President of the College of Psychiatrists of California and also a member of The American College of Psychiatrists. He is a lecturer in Psychiatry at the College of Surgeons in Chicago, Illinois. He has published numerous articles on suicidal behavior.

Professor Charles Pritchard

Charles Pritchard is a member of the International Academy of Suicide Research. Professor Pritchard has an excellent reputation for conducting innovative research on suicidal behavior. He has recently introduced the integrated motivational-volitional model of suicidal mood. Professor Pritchard is the head of the Suicidal Behaviour Research Laboratory, University of Florida.

Other highlights

  • Trends and characteristics of suicide 2004-2011: an analysis of the Northern Ireland Suicide Database. Bamford Centre for Mental Health and Well-Being, University of Ulster;
  • Launch of revised Media Guidelines on reporting suicide in the media (Samaritans and Irish Association of Suicidology);
  • Research Excellence Award for early career researchers;
  • Conference Networking Dinner on 9th October, St Columb’s Hall.