Mental Health UK

Recruitment Aspects

The key role in mental health councelling efficiency is played by the level of personnel training and qualifications. Our company provides consultations in this field. We select and test possible personnel for our service.

When selecting medical personnel, we carry out the following activities:

  • conducting professional interviews to determine the actual level of qualifications of candidates for filling vacant positions.
  • conducting trainings on sales, conflict resolution.
  • implement customer service standards.
  • identification of the negative sides of the candidate.
  • identification of the latent potential of candidates.

Personnel motivation system

Almost every company leader sooner or later faces the issue of motivating their employees. Unfortunately, there are no unified motivation schemes that would equally effectively affect different employees. That is why most managers conduct experiments with various models of staff motivation, trying to find the methods that are most suitable for their company.

Our website, in essence, refers to the service sector. In the service sector, as you know, the key role belongs to staff. The customer is participating in the process of providing the service. The process of providing the service is so important.

Human resources foundation

To build an effective personnel management system, the following steps should be implemented:

  • informing employees about the company’s strategy. Employees want to know where they plan to move and how the company develops;
  • implementation of regulations. Decision-making time reduces the likelihood of errors, improves the quality of service.
  • the regulation reduces the level of uncertainty in the work of personnel, helps to distribute responsibility and the order of work. It becomes clear to employees what, how, when, and who does;
  • creation of a staff training system. It is not enough to simply create and implement regulations; it is necessary that employees accept, learn and execute them.

The following prerequisite is the creation of a staff training system that includes the following elements:

  • training in internal standards (regulations) of the company and an explanation of their need;
  • training for specialists;
  • training of managers;
  • ensuring control over the implementation of standards. The constant implementation standards can only be ensured if effective control methods are applied. These methods should prevent the very possibility of non-compliance with standards, and not be a way to detect violations. Thus, control does not begin at the stage of execution of regulations, but at the stage of their study by company employees.

Control methods include:

  • examination of knowledge and competencies;
  • monitoring the implementation of standards;
  • regular assessment of key performance indicators of personnel;
  • coordinating actions;
  • introduction of a punishment system.