restoring wellbeing through contact

Our Staff

Contact employs full time, part time and sessional counsellors and creative therapists as well as having a team of clinical placements. This team of almost 100 therapists are supported by a management and administration team to deliver our services to up to 10,000 people each year.

Contact is lead by two Co-Directors. Our Corporate Director is in charge of central services and fundraising for the organisation as well as being involved with developmental projects. Our Clinical Director is responsible for the overall clinical management of our work and ensuring we are working within BACP guidelines. Both Co-Directors make up our strategic team who oversee risk management and agree all major decisions within the organisation, thus making the very robust leadership team needed for this 24/7 operation.

The Senior Management Team report to the Strategic Team and are responsible for leading all project areas within the company. All staff receive regular line management from a member of the Senior Management Team or a Manager and are supported through monthly clinical away days and team meetings. We also have a head of Continuous Professional Development who is responsible for all clinical supervision and training and accreditation within Contact. In addition to this we have a unique 24/7 clinical consultation facility supporting all staff to access clinical support around complex cases 24 hours a day.

Our Board of Directors have overall responsibility for risk assessment of the organisation and it’s management as well as providing support and direction for the Strategic Team. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds including community, statutory, health, education and business.

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