restoring wellbeing through contact

Lifeline, Samaritans and Childline join together to provide help and protection over Christmas and New Year

Together Lifeline, Samaritans and ChildLine will support and protect more than 8,000 children and adults in Northern Ireland over the 12 days of Christmas this year. All three services are staffed throughout the holidays and primed to deal with up to 8,000 callers, based on last year’s experience.


People of all ages can often find the most joyous times the most difficult and can be unsure where to turn for help. The key helpline numbers for all to note are – Lifeline 0808 808 9854, Samaritans 08457 1632541and ChildLine 0800 9854.

“A call to Lifeline can lead to immediate assessment and support over the entire Christmas period. You will speak directly to our qualified crisis counsellors and can receive up to 6 free, face–to–face counselling sessions, close to home, within seven days,” said Fergus Cumiskey, Clinical Director, Lifeline. Suzanne Costello, Director, Samaritans, Ireland said: “Christmas is a very happy time but for some of us it can be a time of loneliness and isolation – it’s important to remember that Samaritans support is available throughout the Christmas and New Year for anyone who may be struggling to cope”. Elaine Chalmers from ChildLine added: “The NSPCC’s ChildLine service rely heavily on our dedicated volunteers who so willingly give up part of their Christmas break to answer calls from children in need of help. “Every year ChildLine helps thousands of children and young people to overcome a wide range of problems including bullying, abuse and family relationship worries.