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Trainee Counselling Jobs Benefits

Trainee Counselling Jobs in NI combine the best practices of domestic and foreign experience in training qualified specialists (future phychologists) in the practical field of psychological activity.

Training is aimed at creating new abilities:

  • flexibility of thinking when working with large amounts of information;
  • the ability to shoot model situations when working with various requests;
  • skills in the use of modern psychological technologies to solve professional problems;
  • critical thinking;
  • public speaking skills;
  • effective communication and cooperation;
  • responsibility for personal professional results.

The program created by counselling jobs NI is intended for graduates of schools and colleges of various profiles who have deliberately chosen professional development in the field of psychology, are ready to work with large amounts of information and are focused on development in the field of psychological practice.

Graduates and trainee counsellors of the program will become specialists in the field of practical psychology, applying their knowledge and skills in counseling and psychotherapeutic activities, coaching, organizational consulting for managers, corporate training, and career counseling.


  • Possibility of obtaining three diplomas;
  • Teaching disciplines in English;
  • Annual overseas internships (language and professional), as well as summer schools in the UK and other European countries;
  • Studying professional disciplines from 1 semester after admission;
  • Flexibility of the program and the possibility of students’ independent choice of some disciplines;
  • Development of critical thinking and academic writing skills;
  • Independent evaluation of written exams by an external examiner from the UK;
  • Opportunity to continue education at European universities;
  • Access to unique libraries;
  • Emphasis on modern needs of society and psychological practice;
  • The presence of special educational disciplines aimed at developing the professional thinking of psychologists;
  • Obligatory independent scientific and applied coursework;
  • An effective balance of theory and practice;
  • A young, ambitious and professional team of teachers with practical experience.