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Everyone may need psychological help. If you do not have the opportunity to consult a psychologist for charge, you can do it for free in specialized centers or online consultations.

Free consultations have several features:

  • As a rule, they are limited in the number of sessions. Some centers provide only a trial free consultation, some – up to 5-7 sessions. This is enough to overcome a crisis situation – but it is not always enough for a deep study of the problem.
  • In contrast, some centers do not provide one-time consultations.
  • You may not always be able to change your counseling psychologist.
  • If you are getting an advice from an educational institution, it may be part of student education. This means that colleagues will monitor the progress of the work, and then discuss your case.
  • When a person pays for services, their subjective value increases. I would like to invest, do homework and the recommendations of a psychologist. If help is free, money doesn’t motivate you to work and change. Therefore, you will need to find internal motivation.

The majority of UK secialists apply a 3-stage quality control system for the work of specialists:

  • Secret client: at least every 6 months, a special person undergoes a consultation with a selected psychologist. We believe that only in work does a specialist fully reveal himself.
  • Rating system: each client assesses the work with a psychologist according to 3 parameters. A specialist with a rating below 4 points cannot continue cooperation with us.
  • Supervision: psychotherapists are supervised and have personal experience in therapy.