restoring wellbeing through contact

What we believe

All our work is directed by our person–centred ethos, and the rights of the young person or adult are at the heart of all decisions made by our organisation.

We believe in social justice and reaching out to the most marginalised people in society. We recognise that we are emerging from a very long and serious conflict and that the effects of this upon our children will be felt for a number of generations.  Our current strategy is grounded in working towards consolidating all our existing projects and programmes of work, and achieving excellence through accreditation.  Our vision is to have comprehensive mental and emotional health support services across Tiers one, two and three which work in a preventative framework to support people to avoid long term mental health problems and the need for in–patient care.

Strategic Aims

  • To pursue relationships proactively, across all sectors, which contribute to the solving of problems within communities and the removal of barriers to appropriate support for individuals.
  • To develop therapeutic support based on rigorous research backed up by excellent training for staff. This will ensure professional standards and best practice at all levels.
  • To cultivate relationships that are healthy, challenging, supportive and honest in all aspects of our work.
  • To celebrate success and continue to resource Contact so that the valuable work can continue to develop.
  • To build on the existing levels of service and continue to improve stakeholder experience at all levels.
  • To ensure that Contact can support people in need wherever in the life cycle crisis occurs.
  • Mission

    To create safe spaces by developing and delivering high quality therapeutic interventions, breaking down barriers which prevent people from accessing appropriate support.

  • Vision

    A society where every person has equal access to timely appropriate support to improve their mental health, recover from trauma and enhance emotional wellbeing.