restoring wellbeing through contact

About our projects

Do you feel confused, hurt, angry, no one is listening and no one cares? We care, and will listen. Contact currently offer four major counselling projects:

submit Lifeline Crisis Response

Telephone counselling service for people in crisis or despair. Lifeline also offers free face to face and telephone counselling, mentoring, befriending and complementary therapies.

submit Community-based counselling

Confidential counselling for people of all ages, based in a safe, local environment.

submit Further Education College and Schools Counselling

Some Further Education Colleges and Schools have invited Contact to provide counselling to students and staff. Check it out where you study, we may have a clinic on your campus. Contact can also provide whole agency or small group critical incident support on request.

submit Hard to talk?
Specialist Counselling

When it’s hard to find words to express how you feel we can provide Creative Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy or Play Therapy as well as more specialist support for minority groups such as same sex attracted young people, care leavers or young people involved in the justice system, from ethnic minorities or victims of violence or abuse.