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Donation In Lieu of Flowers

Etiquette dictates sending flowers when a person dies. However, flowers die within a few days. Consequently, you may want to consider another option of a funeral gift.

One of the most common alternatives to sending funeral flowers is a monetary donation made in the deceased’s name (also known as “Donation In Lieu of Flowers”). If you decide to make such a donation, you should donate a sum of money equal to what you would have spent on flowers.

Often the family makes a list of charities that were especially important to their loved one who deceased. For example, if the deceased died from cancer, the family may offer to donate to an organization that does research in this field. If no specific organization is indicated, you can donate for the charity of your choice. Some families may create a fund to cover funeral expenses.

Information on where to send a donation in lieu of flowers is usually included in the obituary, a news article that reports the recent death of a person.