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psychological help in ukPsychiatrist or psychologist care in the UK is available through the National Health System (NHS) and the number of mental health practitioners is expected to increase over the next few years.

Conversation therapy includes various types of treatment aimed at fighting negative thoughts and feelings, achieving positive changes, such as psychological counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychotherapy.

The Mental Health Foundation website provides information on various types of talk therapy and patient testimonials. Its contact number is available on the website. According to the latest figures, about half of UK health care facilities, in Belfast, as well provide mental health care and counseling.

The availability of psychological/mental health care depends on where the patient lives. In some areas of the country, especially in rural areas and small towns, the system of public health care is not sufficiently developed. It can take quite a long time to wait for an appointment. Some cases, in order to get this type of medical care, you will have to leave for another city or town.

The internal beliefs of the general practitioner about the use of psychotherapy also influence the number of patients seeking this type of treatment. Some doctors often refer patients to specialists for the purpose of talking therapy, while others rarely resort to such treatments. According to an online survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation and contact NI, 42% of respondents who visited their primary care provider because of their depression were consulted by a mental health professional.

In the event that the attending physician refuses to write out an appointment for a psychotherapy course, the patient has the right to independently contact the nearest medical institution for free counselling to get these services, or change the therapist.

It is planned to increase access to psychotherapy over the next few years. The UK government is committed to making health care services more accessible, such as psychological counseling and other psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) Program, launched in 2006, is attracting a large number of trained therapists to general practice. This program creates conditions for more free access to psychotherapy used in the NHS.

Conversational NHS treatments

If necessary, the therapist will refer the patient to psychotherapy, which is free of charge under the NHS. Typically, these short courses include counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. It is possible to independently make an appointment for a consultation with a mental health professional.

The Expanding Access to Psychotherapy Program (IAPT) provides an opportunity for patients to make self-appointments with a mental health professional.

Self-appointment involves the patient going directly to a specialist doctor without a referral from a therapist. This service is available in some areas of England. The NHS website provides a mental health services guide to help you determine which area you can enroll in.

If you have a severe mental disorder, such as severe depression, trauma from abuse, your therapist may refer you to a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, or member of your local mental health association, or lifeline online.

Psychotherapy services within the UK private sector health care system

The cost of private sector psychotherapy services ranges from £ 40 to £ 100 per hour. First of all, you should contact your general practitioner for advice on choosing a psychotherapist. Find a private psychiatrist on your own through the Internet or using special healthcare websites.

It is necessary to verify the selected specialist in one of the registries of practicing doctors. You should talk to several therapists before choosing the right one.

Organizations that accredit psychotherapists include:

  • The British Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Psychotherapy: psychotherapists specializing in cognitive behavior;
  • Family Therapy Association: family therapists;
  • British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy: counselors and therapists;
  • British Psychoanalytic Council: psychoanalysts;
  • Council for Psychotherapy of Great Britain: psychotherapists;
  • British Association for Sexual Relationship Therapy: counseling for couples.

Charity organisations

Some charities provide psychotherapy services at low cost or free of charge, including:

  • support in the event of the loss of a close relative;
  • helping to cope with eating disorders;
  • solving psychological problems;
  • consultation on relationship issues.

Free counselling in Northern Ireland

  • Dr. Francis McGivern, Counselling Psychology Services;
  • Anapsys Counselling Services: CBT Therapy and Online Counselling;
  • New Life Counselling – 25 Ardoyne Rd, Belfast BT14 7HX, UK;
  • East Belfast Community Counselling;
  • Child Therapy NI;
  • Relate Northern Ireland.

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