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Fundraising Events in UK

Fundraising events are an integral part of our daily life. The first British charity was officially founded in the 12th century. But even before that, there were traditions to help the disadvantaged, homeless, sick and orphans. And charity in England was first legislated during the Tudor rule – more than 400 years ago. One of the honorable missions of the royal family is to lead charitable projects and help people in every possible way who are deprived of normal human benefits by their origin or due to current circumstances. In today’s England, fundraising events are clearly controlled by state structures, many commercial, insurance and investment companies, banks have their own funds, and a large part of the country’s population participates in charity in one way or another, and from a very early age.

DV8 Fashion: a UK and Ireland Based Fashion Company

DV8 is a UK and Ireland based Fashion company that has been selling young fashion clothing and footwear brands since 1994. The company has over 40 High street stores (including in Belfast and Limavady) and a highly secure website. It is a global online retail store with an extremely wide selection. For the most part, this is youth clothing – shiny tops, colored knitwear, short dresses, platform shoes, printed T-shirts, loose sweatshirts, colored jeans and an unimaginable amount of all sorts of little things. DV8 customers are unique. And they do everything so that you can find not only your size but also the cut. It is important for the store to show a healthy body that does not depend on any stereotypes.

Suicide Prevention, Information, and Awareness

Suicide is taking one’s own life on a voluntary basis, without the participation of other people. Unfortunately, in modern society, suicide is a fairly common phenomenon. The reasons for suicide can be completely different, a person makes such a decision on the basis of certain life difficulties of a psychological and social nature. General information According to studies, 75% of people planning to commit suicide have revealed their intentions in one way or another. These were both open threats and subtle hints of an impending suicide. Almost all of these people visited psychologists, social workers, doctors or educators, from which it can be concluded that they tried to speak out. Signs of planned suicide are revealed during the conversation and are manifested in the duality of feelings. On the one hand, they experience hopelessness, and on the other, they hope for salvation. In most cases, the arguments for and against…

The Voice of Hope – Charity Organization

The Voices of Hope was established in 2014. Its founders are Genevieve Mora and Jazz Thornton. They are both mental disease survivors. They felt the need to use the prior experiences for making content to aware people and bring some changes in this sphere of life. They start filming videos that underline mental health issues as well as creating blog posts on different subjects. Since the launch of Voices of Hope, the content has got both domestic and global acknowledgement. It has caught the attention of companies with the desire to keep their opinion upon this issue. Their mission The objective of The Voices Of Hope is to create and set changes in the mental health sphere. They help bring hope through the voices of those with have had previous experience. Through advocacy, campaigning and story-telling, Voices Of Hope works out strategy and content with the aim to affect global,…

Self Harm HelpLine

Lifeline number for free counselling in Ireland and Nothern Ireland – 112 and 999. The Samaritans is a registered charity dedicated to providing emotional support to anyone in distress, self-harm or at risk of suicide throughout Ireland. Toll-free 116, 123 for Samaritans in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Lets’ considered what is self harm and how it affects the mental health. The lifeline in NI s available for people of different ages. What is self harm? The official name for self harm is “non-suicidal self-injury” (NSSI), which means deliberately attempting to harm your body without intending to commit suicide. Most often, these are self-inflicted cuts, bruises and burns. The definition arose not so long ago, so experts have not yet agreed on what actions to include in the NSSI concept and where the border of the psychological norm lies. According to the International Classification of Diseases, selfharm is not only cutting,…