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How to Know if You Need to Consult a Psychologist

Many people think that psychological help is needed as a last resort and prefer to cope with their problems on their own. At the same time, the work of a psychologist is not much different from the work of an ENT doctor – this is a way to fix or at least improve your life quality. Today, My Canadian Pharmacy will talk about signs that will help you understand that you may need to see a psychologist. 10 Signs You Need Mental Health Treatment It seems to you that you are walking in a circle You have a problem that…

Lifeline: 24/7 Crisis Support Service

Lifeline is the Northern Ireland crisis response helpline service for people who are experiencing distress or despair. People living in Northern Ireland can call Lifeline on 0808 808 8000. Deaf and hard of hearing Textphone users can call Lifeline on 18001 0808 808 8000. Calls to this line are free. Lifeline is an extremely important social service. No one is immune from a negative psychological or a stressful situation, during which there is no way to get outpatient psychological assistance. At such moments, the hotline is the only way to get help and support in order to overcome difficulties. Who may need emergency…

Generic Drugs: Answers to Common Questions

What are generics? Generic is a copy of the original drug. A company that has recorded a drug with a new molecule or a combination of molecules receives a patent. The patent validity time is 20 years. After this period has passed, other pharmaceutical companies are also eligible to release and sell generics of this medicine. If there are talks not about a small molecule (aspirin, ibuprofen), but about a large one, then such drugs are called biosimilars, or bioanalogs. The list includes vaccines or monoclonal antibodies (used in experimental HIV treatment). How are generics different from original drugs? There…

Drugs for Men: 20 Best

Cialis Cialis is a potency enhancer based on an active substance known as tadalafil. The total duration of this drug can reach 36 hours. At the same time, more rapid onset of the effect is characteristic. On average, you need 30 minutes to bring the reproductive system back to normal. Levitra The drug is made on another active component of this group -vardenafil. The drug is manufactured by the well-known company Glaxo Smith Kline. The main effect of the tablets occurs approximately 20 minutes after administration. The effect lasts for 4 hours. The drug can be combined with alcohol and…

Why Is Regular Health Checkup Important?

A checkup is a complete medical examination in express format. In a short time, the patient receives the necessary information about the state of health, as well as recommendations for treatment or prevention. A full body examination in express format should be carried out by healthy men and women from 25 to 30 years of age every 2-3 years. Do an annual medical examination if you are over 50. People need a checkup even if you are over 30 with an uncertain state of health. It seems that everything is fine, but there is no 100% confirmation of this. After…

What Is The Best Over The Counter Sleep Aid?

Insomnia can stop spoiling your life if you choose the best sleeping pill available in the pharmacy without a prescription. For this purpose, My Canadian Pharmacy has made up this rating, which contains the most effective and safest pills for treating sleep disorders. Their intake will allow you to stop feeling depressed in the morning and thereby return the joy of life. 4 Best Sleeping Pills You Can Buy Without A Prescription Diphenhydramine (Benadryl, Aleve PM, others) Diphenhydramine is used in the treatment of urticaria, vasomotor rhinitis, pollinosis, pruritic dermatoses, acute iridocyclitis, allergic conjunctivitis, angioedema, capillary toxicosis, parkinsonism, chorea, kinetosis,…

What Are The 3 Types of Antidepressants?

Recently, the number of people suffering from depression has increased significantly. This is largely facilitated by the frantic rhythm of modern life, an increased level of stress, economic and social problems. All of this cant affect the mental health of people. People feel changes in the psyche when they are reflected in their performance and social relationships. They go to a doctor for advice are often diagnosed them depression. What is depression and why is it dangerous? First of all, it should be noted that one should not be afraid of this diagnosis. The disease does not indicate that the…